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Blog of the ups and downs of life preparing to walk 1000km to the ends of the earth of the ancient world, to raise money to let sunshine into the lives of children with life-limiting diseases throughout the English Midlands

Friday, March 17, 2006

Great stuff! My first ventures into blogging have found wider support and blog coverage from Nosemonkey ( and Tim Worstall ( I realise now that I need to do what I can to show people we're OK.

One - We have no bank account in respect of this fundraising - all money donated on our website goes through '' rdirect to the hospices - so they get the benefit straight away, and also the tax refielf from the taxman if you are a UK tax payer. So we never see the money if you donate on line.

Two - We also pay any off-line donations direct into the hospices bank accounts using their pay-in slips.

Three - We are not asking for any support for the actual cost of funraising - like driving round talking to potential corporate sponsors, or the cost of getting to/from the route.

What else? Phone the hospices and ask for their corporate fundraising coordiinator - ask if they have heard of us..


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