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Blog of the ups and downs of life preparing to walk 1000km to the ends of the earth of the ancient world, to raise money to let sunshine into the lives of children with life-limiting diseases throughout the English Midlands

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I spent ages on Sunday night trying to add a picture to our profile. Seems the one I wanted to use was too many bytes, and I somehow couldn't get 'Hello' to do the biz. Looks simple enough, so must be me. I'll try again soon.

In the meantime - ain't it a funny old world? I was just writing up the diary entry for February for the website ( about the arrangements I have been making with our funeral director, when he phoned me up. Spooky, huh? (or is 'spooky' an indelicate word in the circs?). I don't think he's checking up to see if I'm still alive - it's not that sort of relationship. it's not that we expect to drop off our perches in the ommediate future - or even on the pilgrimage, but we just want to make sure we get wghat we want in the end, as opposed to what we deserve.


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