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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Still no picture on the blog. I'll get there in the end.

Exciting stuff today - met with manager of our gym, who is offering real support for the fundraising, and says he is staying around, so maybe it will happen this time.

Even more exciting - went out kitted up to open a bank account, got home, couldn't find my passport! EEK!

Checked all pockets, briefcase and car footwell then rang everywhere I'd been. This included the local branch of two banks - have you ever tried to phone a bank branch lately? I had to negotiate answer phone options for both, but got through to a real person pretty soon at Abbey, while with HSBC I couldn't get beyond the first hurdle unless I was already a customer!

Last resort, reported the loss to the police, and was told they couldn't hand it back even if it was handed in. Wouldn't they be able to tell it was mine? Nice lady, but weird rules.

Final last resort, rechecked bag - guess what - passport secure in zipped pocket, just where I'd put it for safety! WHOOPPEE!!! I'm sure I'd double checked it before, but there you go.


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