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Blog of the ups and downs of life preparing to walk 1000km to the ends of the earth of the ancient world, to raise money to let sunshine into the lives of children with life-limiting diseases throughout the English Midlands

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Well that was a hell of a gap between postings. I still haven't managed to get the adsense link to work properly - It seems a bit ironic to have a public service advert at the top of our blog asking for donations to George Bush's sop to corporate social responsibiltiy when we're trying to attract donation for OUR chosen charity. Still I can't find the traffic stats right now, so maybe nobody has seen it anyway.

So why the gap? My better half is doing nothing but work, eat, sleep with her new job and I have been rushed off my feet too - not to mention the birth of our grandson two hundred miles away, at 24 weeks, and one pound four ounces. Little soul's a fighter though, he's still with us, so maybe he'll make it. Wish I was a Reiki practitioner right now - still some of our friends are, and they're all doing their bit. Tell you what though, a birth that pemature makes you wonder about the legal limit for abortion - a couple of days earlier and the little guy would have been a goner! horrifying innit?

That's all for today. see ya soon.